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Why We Build

We don’t see our job as just building a house but rather creating a place for our clients to live life. Providing spaces of comfort and security for our clients to thrive, love and raise a family is the foundation of what we do. The houses we build become the central part of our clients’ lives, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Most of our projects are “Design Builds”, a process where we help bring a client’s vision to life through the architectural design and then make a seamless transition to the build. This process helps avoid unexpected issues that could delay a job or take it over budget.

We have a team of designers, engineers, contractors and suppliers that all work with respect toward each other and understand that the end goal isn’t just a completed job but a home.

"As a second generation homebuilder, some of my earliest memories are on job sites with my father learning the trade. It was instilled in me at a young age that there was only one way to do a job: ‘The Right Way’. It is a principle that has carried me through all aspects of my life."

Aaron Brown

President | Brilliant Home Builders


Our Homes

This modern farmhouse inspired home is only steps away from Downtown Roanoke. 

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